Store Hours

Every day: 11am - 6pm

Third Man Records' first ever store outside the USA is situated in the heart of London's historic Soho - an area renowned for its rich musical history and completes a trio of Third Man physical spaces that includes facilities in Nashville, Tennessee and Detroit, Michigan.

Personally designed by Third Man founder Jack White, the store was conceptualized and created throughout 2020 and 2021 during the Covid pandemic, with the aim of creating a physical space to help keep record sales and live performances alive after such a tough period for everyone. Its two levels include a retail space, an intimate live music venue named "The Blue Basement," and all the quirks, details and idiosyncrasies we have become renowned around the world for: a token-operated lucky dip book machine, the "Literarium," a recording booth where artists and the public can record their own material straight to vinyl, and much more.